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Carol R. Sullivan

Sales Associate


Carol Rixey Sullivan was born and raised in Indian Hill, Ohio—the Cincinnati area. Every summer the Rixey family packed the car and headed north to the family cottage on Lake Leelanau. Summers spent in Northern Michigan consistently delivered memorable experiences—just as they do today! She spent the college years at Davidson, in North Carolina, where she earned a Bachelors degree in English Literature, followed by time spent overseas in Ireland. 

Carol's professional career began in the medical field; consulting and managing private medical offices with a focus on service and marketing. She gained experience with small business consulting and property acquisition and transitioned full time into real estate in Charlevoix, Michigan, where she continues to build a career based on clear communication, client care and consistent follow through. Today she is a well-respected real estate agent in the Charlevoix community. 

Carol lives in downtown Charlevoix where she raises her two children, Jack and Ellie. Traveling, boating, hunting, fishing, and skiing are a few family favorites. Northern Michigan is one of the greatest places in the world to raise a family and to call home. Just ask Carol!

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