Photo of Jamie Woodall

Jamie Woodall

Associate Broker


Jamie Woodall, his wife, Kris, and their four children – Rylie, Evan, Reagan, and Wyatt – have lived in Boyne City since 2009. They absolutely love Boyne City and Northern Michigan! From 2010 to 2017 Jamie started and led a new church. With enthusiasm and energy they started the Boyne City campus of Genesis church, growing friendships and building a ministry they continue to be part of in many ways.

Jamie’s attitude and passion for helping others has only grown into doing the best for his clients in real estate.
Real estate is sometimes cut-and-dried: you list or show a home, you do the paperwork, you advise clients through a more or less familiar process, and you’re done. But usually that is not the way it works. Buying and selling are both emotional, and for the clients involved, it can be one of the biggest decisions they make in their lives. Jamie brings all the skills of his prior job into play as people deal with the difficulties associated with selling and buying – from the processes to the personal.
Jamie has the right tools for the job, whatever the needs of his clients. He’s resourceful, hard-working and genuine. He knows and loves the area, and is familiar with the procedures of real estate and the potential hurdles with financing, appraisals, or inspections. All the way, he will be able to guide the transaction to a successful conclusion.
In many ways, he and Kris miss their role in pastoral ministry, but they know there are a lot of ways to continue meeting and helping people at their point of need outside church walls.
“We love helping people in our community,” Jamie said. “Walking with others through buying or selling a home is another way I get to do that now.”

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