Photo of Martha Mishler

Martha Mishler

Sales Associate, Realtor


Martha and Dan Mishler have loved living full-time in Boyne City for almost two decades. They always knew they would.

The Mishlers, both teachers in Hartland, MI, bought a cottage on Lake Charlevoix in the late 1980s. They had long since established a “cottage fund,” in the absence of children needing a college fund. After a few years in the cottage, they purchased a lot and built their dream home near Boyne City. While they both loved their jobs in education (Martha taught 2nd grade and high school special education, Dan high school chemistry and advanced placement chemistry), coming north was a fresh joy every single time they crested the hill and could finally see Lake Charlevoix.

They knew eventually they would want to live here full-time. An early retirement incentive sent them north before Martha was actually ready to quit working, and so she got her real estate license and in short order made a name for herself selling others the “up-North” dream she was finally able to live.

“Back in 2005, I thought real estate would be a nice “part time” retirement pastime.  Oops, I loved it and enjoyed working full time.” All these years later with caring, integrity and passion, Martha has built a thriving second career.  Like providing an education, selling real estate involves enhancing lives and bringing good things and people together.

Martha is an important member of the team at Pat O’Brien and Associates, with her great work ethic and positive outlook. Besides being honest and reliable, she is conscientious about following up with clients and customers. She is hard-working, thorough, and brings a “happy to do it” demeanor to her job.

And she’s a good communicator. When folks are new to the area, Martha is a wonderful ambassador, giving a great overview of the lake and the county and all they have to offer. Because she is so enduringly smitten with Lake Charlevoix and the surrounding countryside herself, her knowledge of it is extensive and growing.

“When you love an area this much, it’s easy,” Martha said.


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