Why Work with a REALTOR

There is a lot of information out there today, and buyers have more and more access to websites where they can look for homes and properties that meet their search criteria. In many cases, those buyers will call the listing agent to get the additional information they are seeking, and may call half a dozen or more different Realtors before they make a purchase.

But there are actually good reasons to find a Realtor you trust, and to work exclusively with that person as you pursue your dream. Perhaps all those reasons could be encapsulated in a word: relationship.

Chances are you know where you want to locate. There is no one better qualified to help you find a property than an agent who lives in the area that interests you. Even if you live there yourself, a good Realtor will probably have more hard knowledge about local properties and actual values than you have – even if you have done your homework. For your Realtor, it isn’t just homework – it’s his or her living. There is nothing like experience and boots on the ground.

For example, a property’s value is greatly influenced its surroundings. But what might be an asset in one person’s opinion may be a liability in another’s. There are lots of qualifying components to this quest that are impossible to put into a REALTOR.com® search. As your Realtor gets to know your wants and needs, he or she will know how to simplify your search.

As one of the O’Brien agents put it, “You can waste lots of time if you jump from agent to agent, because each time the agent has to get an idea what the ‘end game’ is. When one works with one Realtor, that agent gets to know what the buyer is actually looking for – streamlining the search process to get them into a home sooner, and at the right price.”

Your agent is a master of interpretation. He or she will notice if you say you want a ranch style house with three bedrooms and a finished basement, but the only time you really get excited is when you look at a five bedroom farmhouse on 10 acres with a barn. A good Realtor will sit down and have a candid discussion with you that may help you fine-tune your search. That’s a relationship.

Importantly, if you do not feel that you have that kind of relationship with your Realtor, it may be worthwhile to find someone else.

There are other reasons to work with a Realtor, too. Your Realtor can expand your search exponentially. Do-It-Yourself searching can be hit-or-miss, or you have to provide your contact information to get any details. Your Realtor has a network of sellers (some available homes may not even be on the market), is connected with other Realtors and their properties, and will be happy to show you all the properties that meet your criteria, but will also help you weed out the ones that do not.

Realtors know and have working relationships with the local lenders, title companies, insurance companies, utility companies, caretakers, etc. Realtors know the schools, restaurants, beaches, snowmobile trails, fishing holes, and shops. If you are local already, this may not seem like a huge asset, but if you are relocating it is invaluable.

They say “All real estate is local,” and we agree. National trends don’t mean much in small northern Michigan towns, especially those fortunate enough to be blessed with lakes and rivers, ski hills and nature preserves. You need a local agent to get a real perspective on local real estate.

And of course, we think you need one of us!