Northern Michigan: A Vibrant Community

Hold your left hand right in front of you, with the palm facing out. This is Michigan. Next, find your ring finger and locate the knuckle just below the nail. Now you’re on Lake Charlevoix. Or in heaven. You pick. But don’t let this be the closest you come to Charlevoix County and the beautiful lakes, forests, hills, and rivers that give it character—or the characters who call it home.

If it is already home, you know what I mean. (Go ahead and drop your hand.) You have already canoed down the Jordan River or fished in the Boyne River. You have skied Boyne Mountain or snow-shoed on the Jordan Valley trails. You already call East Jordan, Boyne City, Charlevoix, Boyne Falls, Horton Bay, or Walloon Lake home.

You may be a regular visitor to our farmer’s markets and festivals. You may know the unfading awe of cresting a northern Michigan hill, soft with spring’s lush green, to see Lake Charlevoix or Walloon Lake lying below you like a sparkling blue quilt. You may have the menus memorized at half a dozen of your favorite places to eat.

But if you don’t live here, point yourself north and get moving. Heaven’s waiting.

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