The Benefits of Utilizing Technology in the Real Estate Selling Process

Selling your home or property can feel intimidating at the start. However, technology has helped sellers become more knowledgeable and confident while navigating new territory. From making your home easier for buyers to find to making the closing process smoother, technology increases the efficiency of the entire home selling experience.

Virtual Listings 

Increasing the number of views your home or property listing gets can greatly increase public interest and thus get your listing sold faster. Plus, posting updated images and videos of the home or property you are selling can be a major advantage since people not local to your area can a fuller picture of the listing.  
Also, geographic maps of the listing’s location are a great way for buyers to better understand the lay of the land and its proximity to different stores, public transportation, and other amenities.

Virtual Reality may also begin to take a stronghold on the real estate environment soon. Giving buyers an up-close experience of the home while physically being hundreds of miles away could significantly increases the margin of potential buyers! According to Forbes, listings with virtual tours get 87% more views than listing without them. For sellers, using augmented reality (AR) to stage and furnish your home can make your listing more appealing while keeping costs of new furniture or décor low.  

Increased Speed on Client Decision-Making Turnaround

 Giving clients the ability to review listings virtually after open houses or showings can quicken the amount of time between these events and offers being put down. Almost all questions or features of the listing can be clarified on a virtual listing. 

Also, as communications between buyers and sellers happen at quicker speeds, the amount of time your property sits on the market decreases. As the seller, technology can increase your confidence of an accurate listing and give you the assurance that it is being seen to the right people. 

Transactions and Information Relayed Faster 

Scheduling showings, editing listings, and managing contract documents can be done on mobile devices now. Websites such as DocuSign allows buyers and sellers to electronically sign official documents such as offers and contracts. There are also sites that can notarize legal documents between buyers and sellers.  

Technology is a great resource when selling your home or property. From getting qualified views on your virtual listening, increasing the rate of communications, and taking the hassle out of handling legal documents, modern tech benefits the real estate selling process. 

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