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About Pat O’Brien and Associates

Relax, you’re with friends.

When we think of northern Michigan, we imagine serene sunsets dancing across Lake Charlevoix. We can hear the canon sounding when the Ramblers score a touchdown on a chilly Friday night. We see snow covering Boyne Mountain for fresh skiing right up to the cabin doorstep. We imagine your next hometown.

Our team of experienced Realtors know and love this town. This past year, the team at Pat O’Brien and Associates were able to snuggle a few sweet puppies at the Charlevoix County Humane Society, and appreciate the fantastic volunteers at the Good Neighbors Food Pantry. (Two of the many deserving organizations our agents have generously supported over the years.)

While we love Michigan’s grand cities – Grand Rapids, Detroit, Traverse City – we know that Charlevoix County’s cities and villages have a lot to offer, too. We have landmarks such as Boyne City’s historic Dilworth Hotel and Boyne River Inn, rich resources like East Jordan’s Jordan Valley, with 18,000 square miles of public land, Charlevoix’s famous Venetian Festival, Ironton’s famous Ironton Ferry, Boyne Falls’ expansive year-round resort, the glorious Boyne Mountain – how does a big city compete with all that? So grab an ice cream cone and walk down these local streets to Lake Charlevoix and to watch the boats and sunsets. They’re right here, waiting for you. 

We do real estate. We’re lucky to do it here. We’ll add your listing to our Realtor network as well as a plethora of popular sites including Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com. Our Realtors will work hard to help turn a house on the market into your next home. Pat O’Brien and Associates understand real estate and all of the questions you may have. We’ve been there and understand what a life-changing event this is. 

We appreciate you visiting our website and cannot wait to meet you. Start your search today!